About the Author

"I grew up in deep poverty in the city of St. Louis." So begins the first chapter of The Men's Code of Honor by Dan Stradford. His family struggled because of his father's mental disorder, resulting in his dad's absence from the family through much of Dan's childhood, a circumstance that would have considerable consequences.


Dan scored his first writing job at age eleven, when he was given a column in the church newsletter. He went onto write for his high school and university newspapers and has been putting pen to paper (and fingers to keyboard) ever since.


He became a successful businessman in California and has written several dozen articles in business magazines internationally. He became a well-known naturalist in his community in the foothills outside Los Angeles where his more than 100 nature articles have appeared in numerous publications. He wrote award-winning fiction, with a second-place finish in a national short-story contest.


He has written more than 50 musical pieces including "Katie's Waltz" and "The Code," the musical accompaniment for The Men's Code of Honor video.


Stirred by his father's painful journey through the mental health system, in 1998 Dan devoted his energies to the creation of Safe Harbor, a nonprofit organization dedicated to education about safe, non-drug treatments in mental health. His web site, www.AlternativeMentalHealth.com, established in 2000, became the largest of its kind in the world and to date has had over four million visitors. In 2002, when his dad passed away, Dan's haunting tribute to his father was picked up by web sites across the country and showcased in a feature article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.


Dan's writings and commentary have appeared in Time magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Daily Record (Scotland), and many other publications.  He has been interviewed numerous times by radio, television, and print media, including The Wall Street Journal, CNN, National Geographic, and USA Today. He has been the senior editor of the Alternate Mental Health News since 2002. He has created and hosted four national medical conferences.


He is the lead author of a guide for physicians, one of the most successful books published by the European-based Amedeo, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatments in Psychiatry.


His commentary on psychiatric drug use in America was published in the college textbook Social Problems by Prentice Hall.


As a former member of Big Brothers of America and the Boys Club of St. Louis as well as a mentor to countless children - and a once-fatherless boy himself - Dan understood the need for The Men's Code of Honor when the concept came to him. Over the next five years, he researched the history of male conduct, codes, and honor, condensing his work into the "66 Principles That Make a Man."


Today he lives in the woodland community of Kagel Canyon, California, with Betty, his wife of 35 years. He has two daughters and three grandchildren.