"What a tremendous summation of a 'man's man.' Dan Stradford brings it all together with penetrating insights and personal notes forming a pathway to guide boys and men in the principles of integrity, fairness and human dignity. I can't wait to share it with the younger men in my family."

Mike Anderson, Juris Doctorate

"The Men’s Code of Honor, is a much-needed, refreshing, well-written, and concise reminder for today’s modern man on how to live and behave honorably in all aspects of life. The book is the manual behind the common saying, 'Act like a man,' and perfectly outlines what that phrase means and how to do it.  The Men’s Code of Honor pulls gems from ethical codes all over the world, from a variety of institutions, laws and organizations and unifies them in a simple, applicable code for all men.  In today’s society, where honor, chivalry, and courage are fading values, The Men’s Code of Honor should be required reading for all men and also women who need a reminder of how honorable men should act toward them." 

Erin Stair, M.D., West Point Graduate

"Brilliantly written and easy to read.  Dan Stradford has done a wonderful job taking the reader on a journey through history and the development of rules of conduct.  It is an original and fascinating approach to the way men should conduct themselves, publicly or privately.  A must read for all business leaders, public officials, teachers and administrators."

Joseph Mazin, CEO, Flamemaster Corporation

 and author of The Dream Master

'''Courage, integrity, loyalty, strength – these are the yardsticks of manhood.' This short sentence captures the essence of Dan Stradford’s wonderful book The Men’s Code of Honor. In a time where our world seems in turmoil and the difference between right and wrong is blurred, comes an honest assessment of what it takes to be an honorable and moral man. Right conduct and moral behavior among men and women is the cornerstone of any highly successful culture. However, this path of right conduct is not always instinctual, and road maps are necessary. Dan’s book helps to remind us that our duty as men is to uphold the principles of courage, integrity, loyalty and strength not only for ourselves in the present moment, but for our sons (and daughters) now and in the future. I highly recommend this book!"

Kurt Woeller, Doctor of Osteopathy

"This book should be read by any person who has leadership traits or is in a leadership position in the military or any other organization. The tenets are well worth the time to learn and to refer back to as needed."


Command Sergeant Major (retired) Robert A. Eldredge,

Virginia Army National Guard

"Dan Stradford has captured the unwritten code of men that we as martial artists and as men constantly work toward. I recommend this book to all men who are striving to live a better life and to be a better man."


Taylor Jerling, Martial Arts Instructor, Black Belt

"Simplicity and elegance, a great guide that is well explained. Every man should have a code. If you are still defining yours, this will be a great source of inspiration. An essential reference to gentlemen of all ages."


Steve Mitchell, GentlemansCode.com and TheMitchelli.com