Samples of

The Men's Code of Honor






1. Tell the truth.


2. Keep your word.


3. Mean what you say and say what you mean.


4. Don’t make excuses.


5. Admit your mistakes.


6. Take responsibility for your actions.


7. Fulfill your obligations and duties.


8. Finish what you start.


9. Respect and believe in yourself.


10. Don’t compromise with your principles.




34. Honor women and their feminine nature.


35. Never use force against a woman, except in self-defense.


36. Never force sex on anyone.


37. Protect women and children.


38. Do not use crude language in the presence of children.


39. Do not use crude language in the presence of women without their approval.


40. Always be faithful to your romantic partner.


41. Never steal another man’s romantic partner.


42. Meet the romantic needs of your partner.


43. Love and support children.


44. Provide for your family.


45. Serve your young children’s needs before your own.


46. Marry the mother of your children.


47. Make your home a sanctuary of security for your family.


48. Do not unnecessarily burden your family.


49. Don’t make your mother cry.


50. Plan and prepare for your family’s future.


51. Support actions that make a better world for our children.